University Bachelor’s of Technology (B.U.T.) in Social Development

The University Bachelor’s of Technology (B.U.T) in Social Development trains students to enter the field of social, sociocultural and homecare services. This program allows students to obtain skills in the humanities and social sciences, as well as the necessary analytical skills for approaching complex individual, social and institutional situations.

Specializations and Objectives

 In addition to the general skill set, students of the program will acquire specialization-specific skills.

 In the first year, students of the B.U.T. in Social Development can choose from among 3 specializations :

  • Social and Sociocultural Projects
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  • Social Assistance (students who choose this specialization can pursue a dual program in collaboration with the Institute’s École de Service Social in order to sit the National Social Service Diploma examination (DEASS))
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  • Coordination and Management of Social and Healthcare Institutions (CGE3S)
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What can I do with the B.U.T. ?

 The three specializations of the B.U.T. in Social Development aim at making students operational in the labor market as well as preparing them to pursue further studies at the master’s level.


How to apply to the B.U.T. 

 A common application process for all candidates :

The B.U.T. is a selective program and recruitment is based on candidates’ application and potentially an interview. The main selection criteria involve candidates’ motivations. A satisfactory and consistent academic record is also required. On the Parcoursup platform, you can find program-specific criteria, general criteria for all programs and characteristics of the program.