Professional Exposure (Apprenticeships, Internships & Projects)


Because professional exposure for students is one of University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Paris – Rives de Seine’s primary objectives, apprenticeships are an integral component of our strategy. This type of learning allows students to acquire skills on the job and develop their career objectives through total immersion in the business world.

Apprenticeships are done through work-study programs, which balance the theory taught at the Institute and the practical aspects students learn with their employers.


> Who Is Eligible ?

Apprenticeships are open to students between 16 to 29 years old.

Students above 29 years may also do an apprenticeship. These include continuing students, workers with a disability, and people with a defined entrepreneurship project.


Which Companies Can Participate?

Any company in the private sector, including associations and non-profits, can hire an apprentice.

The non-industrial and commercial public sector (including the 3 divisions of the civil service) may also hire apprentices.


Which Programs Are Eligible ?

The University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Paris – Rives de Seine offers a range of work-study programs from the B.U.T. up to the master’s level.


Projects and Internships

During their studies, students at the University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Paris – Rives de Seine carry out supervised projects and internships, ranging from 10 weeks for B.U.T. programs and 16 weeks to 6 months for professional bachelor’s programs, 3rd year undergraduate programs and master’s programs.

The projects and internships are a unique opportunity for students to gain professional exposure and allow companies and the corporate world at large to participate in shaping the minds of their future employees.

To submit a proposal for an internship or supervised project, contact the Institute’s administrative office (direction.iutparis-seine[at] or the academic office (scol.iutparis-seine[at] which will pass on the information to the relevant departments based on the specialization.