IUT de Paris – Rives de Seine

An Institute That Broadens Your Perspectives

The University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Paris – Rives de Seine offers small class sizes, dedicated teachers and teaching methods that combine theory and practice. Our programs are divided into 6 areas :

  •     Social Works
  •     Business and Administration
  •     Journalism & Information
  •     Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s)
  •     Statistics & Business Intelligence
  •     Sales & Marketing

Our programs are taught by teachers and professionals, and include internships and in-course projects. The IUT de Paris – Rives de Seine is a renowned 50-year-old institution with an extensive network of partner institutions and alumni offering many opportunities for internships, as well as applied courses.



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professors, associate professors and teaching fellows, and 750 professional lecturers

Partner universities

Years of experience with more than 35,000 graduates