Student Associations at the Institute

The University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Paris – Rives de Seine is of course a place for education and professional exposure, but it is also a place of exchange and community engagement through volunteering, cultural activities and sports.

Fabulous – The Students’ Office (BDE) at the Institute

Student life at the Institute often includes a range of activities organized by the Students’ Office such as an integration weekend, parties, cultural activities, among others. Fabulous also represents the other associations at the Institute as well as the various initiatives put on by each department.

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BDA Art’Mony

The Bureau des Arts (BDA) Art’Mony offers students at the Institute a variety of cultural and artistic activities in areas ranging from photography, theater, music, graphic design, plastic arts, audiovisual media, etc. Workshops, trips and events are also scheduled throughout the year.

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The Bureau des Sports (BDS) is the sports association at the University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Paris – Rives de Seine. Training sessions are regularly organized and allow the Institute to participate in the French Cup of University Institutes held in March of each year. In 2018, we won the women’s volleyball finals and in 2019 the Institute won the finals for men’s handball.

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