University Bachelor’s of Technology (B.U.T.) in Information Technology

The University Bachelor’s of Technology in Information Technology produces skilled graduates capable of designing, creating and implementing technological systems. The program provides students with both technological and business skills in the field of Information Technology, as well as general knowledge and communication skills.

The B.U.T. in Information Technology, which lasts three years, can be done in the standard format or as part of a work-study program (from the 2nd year).

Specializations and Objectives

In addition to the general skill set, students of the program will acquire specialization-specific skills.

In the second year, students of the B.U.T. in Information Technology can choose from among 3 specializations :

  • Program Creation: Design, Development, Launch
  • Deployment of Secure Communications Systems
  • Data Administration, Management and Operation


What can I do with the B.U.T. ?

 The B.U.T. in Information Technology prepares students to enter the world of business and graduates can start working immediately. Students who wish to further their studies can move on to a master’s program in information technology with a focus on business informatics or attend an Engineering School.

There is a wide variety of careers in information technology and they are constantly changing. Graduates of our program can work in the following areas :

  • designing, developing and creating technical projects, software and programs;
  • securing online systems, networks and programs;
  • designing and managing large databases;
  • web development.

In order to hold these positions, IT technicians must have technical skills, general knowledge, project management skills and be good communicators.


How to apply to the B.U.T. 

 A common application process for all candidates :

The B.U.T. is a selective program and recruitment is based on candidates’ application and potentially an interview. The main selection criteria involve candidates’ motivations. A satisfactory and consistent academic record is also required. On the Parcoursup platform, you can find program-specific criteria, general criteria for all programs and characteristics of the program.

 Find more information on the program’s web page on the Université Paris Cité website.