University Diplomas for Continuing Students

The Diplôme d’université (DU) belongs to the University’s own category of diplomas. It differs from the Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees, which are national diplomas issued by the government.

DUs are granted by French universities or other public higher education institutions with the aim of responding to a specific need in a particular area. As a result, they are not recognized at the national or international levels.
The following University Diplomas are only available to continuing students. The continuing education regime is for people who have left the education system for a least two years and have work experience. The objective of the regime is to allow students to acquire additional training, move into a new field, develop their skills and obtain a diploma.


University Diploma in Corporate Digital Transformation (TNumE)

As companies have increased their use of digital technology, their operations have transformed and now require that employees learn a range of new skills and obtain technical knowledge.

As a result, there is a need to train employees in new tools and methods so they can fully participate in changes to their working environment.

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University Diploma in Technology for Small Businesses

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the digital transition has modified consumer behavior and the retail sector. In the face of multinational platforms, specialized food retailers must develop and strengthen their online presence. The Covid-19 crisis and the resulting protocols heightened this need and companies with an online presence were better able to deal with the crisis than others. By developing their online presence, they can remain in contact with their clients who expect additional services from companies even after making their purchases. Retailers, who are benefiting from the increasing value of locally sourced goods, must use digital tools to enhance their strategic position. They are considered a medium of economic transactions and a vector of social ties, which is one of their strongest assets. This University Diploma aims to contribute to the digital transition by assisting retailers in defining and implementing online services for their clients.

This program was developed in collaboration with the Petitscommerces platform for small businesses.

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University Diploma in Enterprise Resource Planning Consultancy

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems have a range of management processes that can be used by businesses of all sizes and from all sectors. These systems are implemented by “functional consultants” (systems integrators). 

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University Diploma in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a key component of business strategy. As businesses have become more aware of these issues, they have increased investment in securing their information systems.
Once seen as a basic IT support function, accounting for cybersecurity has become an essential factor on the market, particularly for large companies, and all economic and government stakeholders now recognize the importance of cybersecurity.

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University Diploma in Data Visualization

Data Visualization, or Data Viz, covers all the techniques used to graphically represent and explore data in order to communicate information clearly and efficiently. Given the large quantities of data available today, the ability to extract relevant information and render it comprehensible makes Data Visualization an essential decision-making tool.

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University Diploma in Data Science Analysis

The phenomenon of Big Data and new data from the web, social media and smart objects will be major challenges for business intelligence and statistics for upcoming years. Data from online systems and from smart objects must be considered as resources to be used, visualized and managed by conducting a range of technological and statistical processes. Among the challenges to overcome to achieve these objectives are the processing of large volumes of data – often in the form of continuous, diverse inflows – which involves many aspects of data science, and the development of new tools to respond to these challenges, both in terms of data and statistical processing for decision-making purposes.

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