Welcome to the IUT de Paris – Rives de Seine

The IUT de Paris – Rives de Seine is a public and selective institution and formerly a component of Université Paris Descartes. Since March 2019, Université Paris Descartes, Université Paris Diderot and IPGP have merged to give birth to Université Paris Cité Cité. Université Paris Cité Cité is thus the leading university in France.

An Institute that Broadens your Perspectives:

The IUT de Paris – Rives de Seine offers training in small groups of students, attentive supervision, and teaching methods combining theory and practice.

These training courses are divided into 6 professional areas:

  • Social work
  • Business and administration
  • Journalism and Information
  • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT’s)
  • Statistics & Business Intelligence
  • Sales & Marketing

Training is provided by teachers and professionals and includes internships and course projects. The IUT de Paris – Rives de Seine is a renowned 50-year-old institution with powerful networks of partners and alumni offering many opportunities for internships, as well as applied courses.

The IUT delivers a three-year national university degree called a Bachelor of Technology, which is recognised throughout the professional world, as well as professional Bachelor’s degrees and DUT (technology degree).

Key numbers:

  • 3,000 students
  • 44 partner universities in Europe, Canada, Japan and Russia
  • 170 teachers and research doctors and 750 professional lecturers
  • 50+ years of experience with more than 30,000 graduate students
  • 6 Bachelor of Technology, 6 DUT, 16 professional bachelor’s degrees, 3 bachelor’s degrees, 1 professional Master’s degree, 1 School of Social Work
Contact :
Office for International Relations
Tél : +33 (0)1 76 53 47 21

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