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You will find thereby the list of our courses taught in English and other languages and open to international students. 

Journalism & Information


Innovative Business and Communication Models – 4 ECTS credits
This workshop focuses on business models centered on innovative products and services that meet new or poorly satisfied needs, where the commitment of local stakeholders and IT-enabled innovation are the main drivers of success. Three field trips introduce the students to entrepreneurs who have succeeded in defining business models and communication strategies that are tailored to the local context, using its infrastructure and know-how.
Media Literacy – 4 ECTS credits
This class provides a global overview of the current media landscape and examines such issues as media consolidation, the decline in readership and viewership in the mainstream media, the culture of connectivity and new patterns of media consumption in the digital age.
The class aims at developing media literacy among students in order to acquire the ability to evaluate and analyze a wide range of media outlets and develop a toolbox of trustworthy and creative news sources.
Communication Strategies – 4 ECTS credits – Semester 3
A communication agency does pretty much the same job as a dating agency: making brands and consumers meet in the market place, love each other and much more…
This course introduces students to effective communication strategies that have already been successfully implemented in the EU. 
It poses three simple – but far from simplistic – questions, which demand psychological skills to be answered properly. Students will detect the main strategic message and create the proper concept to carry it out.
Design for Social Change – 4 ECTS credits
This workshop’s goal is to develop insight into why corporate, NGO and public communication strategies aimed at achieving social change can be effective – or fail.
Based on case studies and student-led presentations, the class gives the students a general overview of communication tools used by governing bodies, NGOs and grassroots organizations.
By the end of the workshop, each student will have considered the impact of a wide range of communication campaigns and analyzed approaches that extend beyond individual behavior change to include shifts in social norms, business models and public policies.
The History of Creative Advertising – 4 ECTS credits
This class, which uses excerpts from AMC’s series Mad Men and from the PBS documentary The Real Mad Men and Women of Madison Avenue, looks at how the Creative Revolution in the 1950s and 1960s changed the advertising landscape worldwide.
Based on case studies of the most ground-breaking advertising and PR campaigns of the time – among which the Volkswagen « Think Small » and Marlboro Man campaigns – this class shows how advertising has evolved in order to reflect new social norms, thereby establishing a different relationship between brands and their audiences.
Sustainability News / Radio Workshop – 4 ECTS credits
In small groups, students produce a radio programme on the theme of sustainable development. They will conduct research and position the content in terms if audience, before recording several chronicles. They also do benchmarking by studying existing radio programmes. The students have access to a recording studio and get technical help.
– Courses highly recommended to all exchange students:
French and intercultural communication for foreigners
This course aims at consolidating grammar, vocabulary and cultural knowledge of France by using French in real-life communication situations. 
Intercultural Communication
This workshop, which enables exchange students to discover, understand and share their cultural differences, is taught alongside the « French for foreigners » course. The students prepare presentations about Paris, the history of the city and the identity of its neighborhoods, thereby putting their language skills into practice.
Information & Communication Technologies (ICT's)


System and network administration – 4 ECTS credits – Semester 4
Objectives of the module:
  • Know how to administer and secure a system and a network

Targeted skills :

  • Administration of systems, software and networks
  • Advice and technical assistance to users, customers, services
  • Operation and maintenance of a computer solution
Design and development of mobile applications – 4 ECTS credits – Semester 4
Objectives of the module:
  • Learn how to develop applications on mobile devices

Targeted skills :

  • Technical design of a computer solution
  • Realization of a computer solution
Business creation workshops – 4 ECTS credits – Semester 4
Objectives of the module:
  • Deepen the economic, legal and management knowledge needed to start a business
  • Develop a business creation file

Targeted skills :

  • Start your own business
Work in English – 4 ECTS credits – Semester 4
Objectives of the module:
  • Conceptualization and presentation of a project, system or process

Targeted skills :

  • Know how to understand or create a technical document
  • Know how to present a project, system or process
  • Know how to present and analyze data graphically
Image analysis introduction – 3 ECTS credits – Semester 4
Objectives of the module:
  • Learn how to develop image processing and manipulation algorithms
  • Understand the fundamentals of digital imaging
Business and Administration


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